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Access Control Systems Melbourne

Access Control Systems can control who can get to your property and can help you in managing the security threats. Mainline Products offers you access control systems Melbourne for various purposes to empower you to keep your property and business secure. 

Access control systems can make an area keyless and eliminates the need of security personnel by ensuring that only people with the right permissions can access the property. Access Control Systems Melbourne consist of but are not limited to RFID tags, swipe cards, fingerprint checkers, key-code access control and remote control. They can be integrated with alarm systems, CCTV Cameras, fire and EWIS systems to provide complete security for homes and offices. 

Our comprehensive range of Access Control Systems Melbourne ensures that you can easily find the components that meet your requirements. They can be used to track login, logout and break times of employees for wages calculation, segregate public and official use areas in offices, grant after hour access and much more. Permission levels can be set for different type of people accessing the same area to ensure streamlined movement and privacy. The system can be used to work various amenities like alarms, lights, projectors, elevators and conceivably anything that can be related with power. 

Irrespective of the size of your project and complexity, our Access Control Systems Melbourne specialists will be happy to chat with you about your access control needs and suggest the right equipment and configuration for the job. So get in touch with us today.

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