ABB, 83327-500-01 4-Way Analogue Camera Interface

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ABB, 83327-500-01 4-Way Analogue Camera Interface

Part Number: ABB210
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Product Specifications

– Supports up to 4 analog cameras for one device.
– Supports camera connection to the existing video/audio outdoor station.
– Supports transfer of image from guard unit to the indoor station.
– Supports the camera for viewing the area of the floor (for example with the connection from
indoor station to this interface, where it connects to the analog camera.
– Supports input and output of video signal of outdoor station to 3rd party VDR during the call,
which can be viewed from the video indoor station).
– Supports installation in DIN, surface mounted.
– Product dimensions: 77 x 61 x 25 mm.


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