ABB, 83342-500-01 IP Gateway

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ABB, 83342-500-01 IP Gateway

Part Number: ABB213
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Product Specifications

IP Gateway & ABB-Welcome APP
– The installation of the ABB-Welcome APP enables to use smartphones and tablets
(iOS and Android) as virtual video indoor station.
– Both WIFI and remote access under 3G/4G through internet service provider.
– IP Gateway acts as a PC interface to program the telephone gateway more efficiently.
New features:
– Enables the integration with ABB Comfort touch as indoor station.
– Supports to monitor multi-cameras connected with camera interface
– Supports intercom calls, including home to home & room to room call by ABB-Welcome APP
– Supports to communicate with guard unit by ABB-Welcome APP
– Supports to control relay actuator, and one actuator can be activated during the call if
necessary by ABB-Welcome APP
– Supports to control two locks during the call by ABB-Welcome APP
– Supports to make a SOS call if there is emergency by ABB-Welcome APP
– Notification function of APP is always available: while APP is open in the foreground,
background or even closed totally.
– Product dimensions: 90 x 180 x 65 mm.


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