ABB, M25021K-A, Keypad Module – Aluminium

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ABB, M25021K-A, Keypad Module

Part Number: ABB031
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Product Specifications

Inputting device for keypad outdoor station.
– Letters from A-Z.
– Scroll up and down for residents’ names or input letters of the calling name (display module
must be accompanied, sorting is progressive upon inputting next letter of name).
– Names or call code can be downloaded from PC though USB cable or can be edited from the
– Up to 3,000 names can be saved in the memory.
– Both public password and up to 6, 000 customized passwords are allowed.
– If wrong password is repeatly entered, the keypad will be locked.
– Password available with 3-8 digits and calling code with 1-6 digits.
– Call guard unit is also available.
– Backlight ensures clear visibilty at night.
– Product dimensions: 72 x 97 x 31 mm.




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