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Aiphone GF2P, 2 Call Button Panel For GF Intercom

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Aiphone GF2P, 2 Call Button Panel For GF Intercom


  • 2-Call button panel for GT-SW


  • Two call button panel for GH / GT series intercom requires one GHSW switch module


  • Material: Zinc die cast

Installation (Aiphone GF2P):

Firstly, this manual describes how to configure the settings for the Standard & Expanded System. For the Multi Building System, also read the GT SYSTEM SETTING MANUAL/Multi Building System. The GT system allows the following tools and stations to be used for configuring settings.

However, all settings may not be configurable depending on the tool or stations used. This manual uses icons for symbolising the tools and stations used for each setting item.

Secondly, this system is constructed using 2 wires for audio and 2 wires for video and requires minimal work for installation. In addition, a maximum of 6 video trunk lines can be used from the video bus controller and audio signal lines use a distribution point from the bus controller. Audio systems can also be configured.

Lastly, when the installation of the GT system has finished, configure the link settings among all the stations in the system before using the system by following the steps on the next page. The GT system enables calling and communication among the linked stations only. Moreover, the settings can be configured by using the GT Setup Tool for Windows, an entrance station, a guard station, or the GT Setup Tool for Android. The setting method differs depending on the tool or device used. Select the method suitable for the environment or setup plan of your system


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