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Aiphone, JP-4MED, 7 Inch Touch Screen Master Room Station

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Expandable to 4 Door to 8 Room StationsĀ  – JP Series A Perfect Solution for Residential or Commercial ApplicationsĀ 

  • The JP Series can accommodate up to 4 Door Stations and 8 Master Stations in a single system. Flexible wiring configuration fits a variety of application needs.
  • The units wire using CAT-5e cable, allowing for easy installation into new or retrofit projects.
  • The JP series can be wired station to station, centralized ( home run ) or a combination of both.
  • The JP Series features a large 7-inch touchscreen monitor for clear visitor identification and easy operation control.
  • The JP Series can be installed at 4 door locations and connected to 8 inside locations with internal communication between stations.
  • The sleek and modern design of the JP Series master station complements today’s homes and lifestyles. In addition, the JP Series comes equipped with three alarm inputs.
  • These can be used to alert tenants of potential threats, emergencies, or home damage.
  • Conveniently and safely identify visitors from any inside master station. Place multiple stations around the office to ensure every guest is attended to.
  • The master station can automatically record visitor images onto an SD / SDHC card for future accessibility.
  • Connect the system to CCTV cameras for additional surveillance capabilities by using the JPW-BA / JMW-BA adapter.
  • One touch Handsfree Simply touch the screen and easily communicate with visitors using the built-in microphone and speaker or Need privacy? Just pick up the handset at any time during conversation. It is perfect for high-volume environments
  • Clearly see visitors and monitor outside areas on the large 7 inch JP Series touchscreen.


Zoom for Clarity PanTilt for Control

The JP Series video door stations feature a wide-angle camera to observe more activity behind the door. In addition, digital PanTilt and Zoom can focus on an area for greater detail.

Oversized buttons and intuitive icons allow for quick navigation and control. By eliminating conventional pushbuttons, the system’s master and sub-master stations are sleek, attractive, and complement any interior.

The JP Series is equipped with an advanced light adjustment feature to compensate for varying light levels. If a picture is too dark, use the ADJUST feature to increase brightness at the door station.


Record Images of Visitors

After a call is placed, the JP Series records 6 images per call to internal memory. If an SD / SDHC card (not included) is set as the primary storage location, recording frequency increases to 4 pictures per second for up to 10 seconds per call.

Document outside disturbances by manually recording them at any time


Key Features:

  • Expandable to max 4 door and 8 internal monitors ( 1 xJP-4MED and 7 x JP-4HD Master stations )
  • Flexible wiring configurations
  • Simple cat5e wiring
  • Handsfree or Handset option
  • 7″ touch screen
  • Digital Pantilt and Zoom
  • User-friendly touchscreen navigation
  • 4 optional entrance stations available ( JPDA, JPDV, JPDVF )
  • Wide-angle camera 100 degree vertical and 170 degree horizontal view
  • Advanced light adjustment for day or night viewing
  • Auto record to internal memory or optional SD / SDHC card
  • Long Distance wiring and CCTV integration
  • Three Alarm inputs
  • T-Coil connection for hearing aids
  • Visual and Audio guides using select door stations
  • Audio monitoring of other master stations
  • Pal CCTV camera input ( requires JMWBA )



Master Room Station JP-4MED

  • Power supply
    • DC 24V ( from power supply )
  • Current Consumption
    • JP-4MED : 390 mA
  • Communication
    • Handset : Simultaneous communication
    • Hands-free : Auto-voice actuation
  • Ambient Temperature
    • 0 – 40Ā°C
  • Monitor
    • 7 inch color LCD monitor
  • Electrical box
    • 3-gang box
  • Material
    • Flame resistant ABS resin
  • Color
    • White
  • Dimensions
    • 145mm (H) x 255mm (W) x 48mm (D)
  • Weight
    • JP-4MED : Approx. 790g


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