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Aiphone, JS-1HD, 3.5″ Handsfree Video KIT Sub Station

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Aiphone JS-1HD – 3.5″ Sub Master Station For JS Series


JS-1HD is an add on sub master for the Aiphone JSS-1A System



  • 3.5” color LCD monitor
  • 1 contact output
  • Hands-free or push-to-talk communication



  • Power
  • 24V DC (supplied by JS-1MD Video Master Station)
  • Consumption
  • 115mA (max)

Note: May require an additional ps2420 24v power supply (depending on cable size and length of run)Β 



Full System Specifications:

JS-DA Video Door Station

Power Supply

Supplied from master station


Complementary metal oxide semiconductor ( CMOS )


129 (H) x 97 (W) x 35 (D) mm


Approx 200g

Water / Dust Protection Class



JS-1MD Master Station / JS-1HD Sub Master Station

Power Supply

24V DC


3.5 inch TFT color LCD Monitor


129 (H) x 97 (W) x 35 (D) mm


Approx 320g ( JS-1MD ) 310g ( JS-1HD )


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