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ASSA ABLOY, ES8000-S, PADDE V-Lock, Power to Lock, Swing Action Locking Bolt, 12v DC

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Lockwood Padde Series ES8000-S V-Lock


The world famous and original V-Lock has been completely re-engineered to provide superior performance and reliability.


The ES8000-S now incorporates a new motor and 1:19 ratio gearbox providing up to 65% additional preload capability and a higher locking force up to 10Kg.


The electronic circuitry has also been completely upgraded to intelligently detect the locked state with “smart” retry function & uses on average 25% less peak current draw.


Aside from some minor cosmetic changes, the lock body and overall footprint remains unchanged and is a direct retrofit for the original V-Lock.


The ES8000-S has a high torque motorised bolt that moves from the vertical position to the horizontal state when locked. The bolt moves into the V shaped strike plate & allows for door misalignment of up to 7mm. The high torque motorised bolt can be concealed from view or surface mounted and has the world’s first fail-safe motor locking mechanism.



  • Side load – Pre-load Capable Lock will unlock with up to 25kg of side pressure when wired in 3 wire mode
  • Door misalignment of up to 3.5mm +/- (total of 7mm)
  • Power to Lock (Fail Safe) / Power to Open (Fail Secure) field configurable
  • High Torque Motorised locking and unlocking (3 wire mode)
  • High Speed Operation. Unlocks in less than 1 second
  • Intelligent smart retry locking function
  • Surface Mount Accessory Kit. Ideal for 180° swing through glass door applications
  • Multiple applications – For Interior Doors the lock can be mounted vertically or horizontally (Note: for exterior doors due to possible water ingress the ES8000 must be mounted horizontally)
  • 5 Year Tricare Warranty



  • Misaligned doors
  • Timber Doors
  • Glass Doors


Standards and Compliance

  • SCEC Endorsed (Intruder Resistant Bracket Required)
  • Successfully fire rated up to 4hrs on fire door assemblies in accordance with AS1905.1. 2005 (Part 1: Fire resistant door sets).
  • CE Approved



  • Voltage: 12 to 24Vdc, Voltage Tolerance 12V (+15% – 0%) 24V(+/- 15%)
  • Current:
    Peak Current 1000mA*
    Idle Current 19mA
  • Monitoring: COM, NO, NC Voltage free changeover contacts rated at 48 dc/100mA
  • Unlocking Time: 1 sec
  • Locking Time: 3 sec
  • Security: Passed S3 (AS4145.2- 1993)
  • Strength: Maximum 1000kg (with supported strike plate and bracket)
  • Unlocking Preload: Side Load rated: Motorised Unlocking – 25kg max at bolt
  • Endurance: 300,000 operations
  • Environment: Operational temperature range -20°C to + 60°C
  • Lock Body: Stainless Steel Lock Body and Faceplate
  • Bolt: 11mm diameter, 20.5mm projection
  • Specification Statement
    The lock must be a high torque motorised bolt with pre-load tolerance. The strike plate must be shaped in a V format to accommodate for misaligned doors. Lock will unlock with up to 25kg of side pressure and will be powered with 12-24v and draw no more than 1000mA. The lock must be configured for Power to Lock (fail safe) or Power to Open (fail secure). The lock must be triggered with a magnet positioned in strike plate and be monitored for locked unlocked and door position.


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