ELS187 – FOB43301 – 433Mhz 1-Channel Penta Key-chain Transmitter, with 5 frequencies.

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Product Specifications

PentaFOB® Series
The Next Generation of Wireless Key Fob Remote Controls, Superior to Rolling Code Remotes
The PentaFOB® is a 433MHz wireless remote control and is also available with proximity RFID. This dual technology, 433MHz remote control + RFID allows the remote controls to be used as everyday remotes for automatic gates & doors, switching lights, garage doors, panic buttons or any other “ON” “OFF” applications and the RFID for access control. Simply swipe the PentaFOB® remote instead of the tags or access cards.

Over 17 billion encrypted codes.
Operating range of up to 100 metres depending on building structure and receiver antenna
18mA (typical) at 3 Volts DC supply during transmission
Battery life of 2 years with average use
13.56Mhz RFID technology
Operating frequency: 433.100 to 434.700 MHz
Custom front colours available
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