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AAP, ESL-2 PLAS-7EX ESL Panel In Plastic Enclosure With ICON Keypad – No Communicator

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Kit includes:


ESL-2 16 zone control panel


  • 8/16 input zone expander for ESX-1 control panels.
  • Each ESX-Z8 contains 8 individual zone inputs which are expandable to 16 zone inputs when using zone doubling. Contains an on board tamper input for extra security in remote installations. 
  • Simple diswitch addressing system for single end of line or zone doubling wiring configuration of up to 64 zones. Zone unsealed LED for each input to identify unsealed zones at the ESX-Z8 board.


Icon keypad with time & temperature

Compatible with:

  • Elite S
  • Elite S-Lite
  • AC2-W (KP must be v2.04 or above)


Size: 134 x 88 x 24mm


Version 1 Features: Green Back-Lite Keypad and Listen-In Input

Version 2 Features: Blue Back-Lite Keypad and Smart Input (input terminal on the keypad can either be used as a listen-in input or programmed as a zone on the alarm panel)


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