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FSH, VE-1260S, Preload Drop Bolt, Strike Plate, 30mm x 27mm Square Edge Plate

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The patented EcoLock VE1260 is a high torque motor driven Drop Bolt with up to 35kg pre-load/sideload tolerance. It can be installed vertically in the door frame (lock style) or horizontally in the frame header and has a symmetric dead-bolt mechanism to allow to be used on 180° degree swing through doors.


The VE1260 is considered a “Green Product” as it consumes an inrush current of 290mA @ 12VDConly during locking and unlocking action (Active Mode), then in the locked or unlocked state (Sleep-Mode), the Drop Bolt consumes current less than15mA @ 12VDC.


A series of additional Strike Plates allow for door misalignment of up to +12mm and a retrofit version of the FSH Eco Lock is available to suit the PADDE/TRIMEC ES8000 drop bolt footprint.


An optional LED red/green indicator unit is available.



  • Releases with up to 35kg of Pre-Load/Side Load
  • Motorised locking device
  • Durability tested to 400,000 cycles
  • Multi-voltage from 12 to 30VDC
  • Sleep-Mode Current less than 15mA @ 12VDC
  • Fully monitored including Reed Switch for door position
  • Up to 1000kg Holding Strength
  • 5-year warranty
  • Retrofit version for Trimec/PADDE ES8000 (VE1260S Square Edge Version)


Technical Specifications:

PART No. VE1260
FUNCTION Mortice Mount, power-to-lock/power-to-release field interchangeable,
up to 35kg of Pre-Load capability, unlocking and up to 6.5kg locking
VOLTAGE/CURRENT Multi-Voltage 12-30VDC
Active Mode: Locking/Unlocking cycle current is 0.29A to 0.85A depending on the sideload.

More side load = more current. See preload vs. current graph. Sleep-Mode: After locking/unlocking the current drops down to ~0.015A (15mA)

Fire-rated in accordance with AS1905.1.2005 Part 1 to up to 4 hours on fire door assemblies
MONITORING Lock Status Sensor of the internal locking mechanism
Door Status Sensor Built-in Reed Switch, monitoring the door position
ENVIRONMENTAL Operational Temperature Range -20° to +60°C
DURABILITY Exceeding Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008
400,000 operating cycles
Durability D7
STRENGTH Meeting Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008
Static Strength S8
Impact Strength S8
DOOR MISALIGNMENT Standard Strike Plate + 4mm Special Strike Plate up to + 12mm


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