ZKA999, inBio460, inBio Controller Demonstration Case

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inBio460, ZKTeco 4-Door Controller Demonstration Case

Part Number: ZKA999
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Product Specifications

No more fumbling with parts, pieces, and messy wires to set up for your
presentations and training meetings. Simply plug your ZKAccess Case
into a standard power point and the rest of your time can be productive
sales and training time.

inBio460,  4-Door Controller Demonstration Case includes:

1 x  inBio460 4-Door Controller
2 x RF1200 Fingerprint / EM Card readers
1 x Egress K1-1 Non Touch Egress switch
1 x Magnetic input switch, for door input
Includes ZKTeco V3.5 User Management Software
Completely Configured and prewired ready for a DEMO


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