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Linear Remote Controls, DXS-31 Supervised Door Transm

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Linear Remote Controls, DXS-31 Supervised Door Transm

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The Model DXS-31 Supervised Universal Door/Window Transmitter is a battery powered stationary transmitter designed for use with Linear’s DXS and DX format receivers. This transmitter can be used in a variety of wireless remote control applications. Triggering the transmitter with its built-in magnetic switch, an external switch or an external glass break detector sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver.


The digital DXS code format features over a million possible codes. The DXS transmitters are precoded at the factory to unique codes, so no field coding is required. The DXS-31 can send four different codes: alarm, restore, low battery and status.


In a typical installation, the magnet is mounted on a door or window and the transmitter is mounted on the frame. When the magnet moves more than 1/2″ away from the transmitter, an alarm signal is sent. When the magnet returns next to the unit, a restore signal is sent. Alarms and restores can also be sent from external contacts wired to the terminal block. Pressing the case sends a test transmission that updates the receiver to the current state of the contacts and lights the test indicator.


When the transmitter’s case is open, the transmit indicator will light each time the unit sends an alarm or restore signal. The indicator is disabled when the case is closed (except for test transmissions). The indicator will flash during operation and test when the batteries are low.


The transmitter is powered from two 3-Volt #2032 lithium batteries with an expected battery life of up to 3 years.


Every hour, the DXS-31 will send a status transmission to the receiver. The hourly signal updates the receiver to the transmitter’s condition. By monitoring status transmissions, the receiver can determine if a transmitter has a low battery or has been removed from the system. DXS format receivers can monitor status signals, DX format receivers cannot.


A three-position terminal block is for connection to normally closed external contacts or a normally open Window Bug type glass break sensor. An internal jumper selects which input to use. Selections are internal switch only, external switch only, both external and internal switch, and glass break sensor.


Another internal jumper selects an instant or delayed transmission code. This jumper doesn’t delay the actual transmissions but changes the code of the signal sent so the receiver can process the signal as coming from an entry/exit delay transmitter.


A snap-on transmitter mounting plate is provided for easy installation. The magnet is adjustable with four height positions. A 1/4″ high magnet spacer is also supplied to snap on to the base of the magnet.



  • Alarm, alarm restore, supervisory and low battery transmissions
  • Includes magnet for internal contact
  • Includes mounting shoe
  • External Contact Terminals
  • DXS format
  • N/O or N/C input loop circuit
  • Powered by 2032 two lithium batteries (included)
  • Optional 2450 lithium batteries can be used for extended life
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • 1.5″ W x 3.3″ H x 0.88″ D


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