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MiVision, HB-NVR3216E-16P, 16 Ch 16PoE NVR 4 HDD H265

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Network Video Recorder (Network Video Recorder referred NVR) is to receive from the network cameras (IPC), network dome camera (IP DOME) is sent to the audio and video data over the network, real-time preview, data storage, data transfer, and remote on-demand capabilities. Also for image motion detection, can control PTZ through a decoder can transmit images over the network and control signals. Compared with the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), with simple wiring that can support high definition (4K,1080P, 720P) and other advantages.


The company’s network video recording system software support for embedded network video recorders is to build a security monitoring system designed and developed a series of dedicated embedded network video recorders. Mainly applied to the image and voice for a long time video, audio, remote monitoring, and control applications. It uses an integrated design, the single-board integrated audio and video decoding, storage, network transmission, multiple PTZ control, and other functions, to ensure the system’s high integration and high reliability. It offers a variety of network interfaces, using TCP/IP and other protocols, enabling connection with LAN, WAN, allowing users wherever they can be accessed through a network connection, to achieve the monitored area monitoring and recording. Simple system operation, a wide range of applications.



Network video recording system is mainly used as follows:

  • Audio and video storage.
  • Bank, ATM teller machines, factories, and other network monitoring systems.
  • Highways, bridges, tunnels, traffic monitoring systems.
  • Intelligent Building, Intelligent Community monitoring, and management system.
  • Unmanned systems, power plants, telecommunications base stations.
  • Intelligent access control system (for access to personnel dynamic video).
  • Assembly line production and warehouse monitoring.
  • As schools, nursing homes and kindergartens, provide remote monitoring service.
  • Outdoor equipment monitoring and management.
  • To move the vehicle on public safety for effective monitoring and recording, ensure public safety.


Technical indicators and main functions

Embedded Network Video Recorder (NVR) is our company that developed a new generation of digital security monitoring products. NVR series embedded system design, support network camera access with network camera images and audio in real-time preview, storage, and playback functions. And to achieve multiple access network equipment for centralized management, centralized storage, high-definition display output, and many other features. This product incorporates a number of patented technologies, such as video and audio CODEC technology, embedded system technology, centralized storage technology.


Technical specification

  • Video parameter: (These series support maximum 1200W IPC device)
    • Video input: 16 Network camera (IPC)
    • Video output: 1*HDMI / 1*VGA 4K @ 60Hz.
  • Live Preview:
    • 4CH: 12.0Mega Pixels @ 30FPS
    • 28CH: 8.0Mega Pixels @ 30FPS
  • Recording Preview:
    • 4CH: 12.0Mega Pixels @ 30FPS
    • 28CH: 8.0Mega Pixels @ 30FPS
  • Video compression: compression algorithm H.264 / H.265.
  • Intercom:
    • Audio Input ( 1*RCA Two way interface, input impedance:10K Ω, input range: Vp-p=2.0V ).
    • Audio Output (1*RCA interface).
  • Audio compression: compression algorithm G.711A, audio sample rate 8K sample/s, 16bit/sample point.


Operation System:

  • HDD interface: support 2 x HDD SATA up to 8TB each one with technique Hot Swap.
  • Operation way: USB mouse.
  • Alarm interface
    • Alarm input: 4 External alarm in.
    • Alarm output: 1 relay output.
  • Backup port: 1*USB3.0, and 1*USB2.0 port.
  • Network port: RJ45 1Gbps
  • POE: Ethernet Switch 16 ports 10/100Mbps POE (IEEE 802.3af /at) 240W
  • Power supply: 220 ± 30%V, 50 ± 3%HZ, 110 ± 20%V, 60 ± 3%HZ optional. 


Main function

The family of embedded network video recorders using a high-performance embedded real-time multitasking operating system (RTOS) and embedded processors, the perfect realization of the monitoring system needs to build a variety of functions. FLASH program solidified in the system more stable and reliable, will not be disturbed by external factors such as viruses, as well as the case may be unattended for a long time steady work in harsh environments.


Note: The following features for reference only because of hardware and software products and versions, feature difference.


Compression features

  • Video compression is H.264/H.265 compression technology.
  • Every channel compresses the Video & Audio signal independently, Audio compression takes the G.711A technology, after video and audio compression, they combine into compound compression bitrate, when playback, the video, and audio is synchronous. You can also cancel the audio, sample point is 8 sample point/s, 16bit/sample point.
  • Dual-stream compression: the mainstream is used in a local record store, network stream is used in the network.
  • Six kinds of record image quality available, users can just the image quality according to the requirement to guarantee longer recording time.


Recording function

  • Support manual record, schedule record, motion record, alarm record.
  • Support video motion detection function, providing 6 sensitivity
  • Support motion detection recording multiple channels simultaneously record linkage.
  • The monitoring center can be recorded in real-time over the network stream compression, support to store the video in PC by the network.
  • Incoming & Outgoing Bandwidth:
  • Every video record parameter can be set independently.
  • Support channel title superposition overlay support recording time.
  • Support for multi-operation can be achieved while real-time video retrieval playback, fast forward, slow motion, network monitoring, network video playback, and downloads.
  • Support Delay Record (2→300S ) / pre-record (3→60S).


Playback function

  • Support the video file by time queries, according to the precise time position for video playback.
  • Time query interface supports mouse on the time bar can preview the video data.
  • Support query and playback recordings by data management, channel, record type.
  • Support and intuitive graphical display of data recording information.
  • Support for video playback image enlarged.
  • Supports instant replay, replay 5 minutes ahead of data.
  • Support for playback directly observed whether the video data for each channel, and you can choose the video playback through the timeline.
  • Can be refined during the playback timeline for accurate playback.
  • Supports playback pause, fast forward, rewind, slow forward, slow rewind, frame advance, support selecting the location by mouse.
  • Supports full playback.
  • Support intelligent playback can search out the recording in which there is an object moving to playback.


Monitor real-time monitoring function

  • Support HDMI, VGA homologous pairs of output.
  • Support HDMI, VGA maximum output resolution of 12.0MP.
  • Support 1/4/8/9/13/16 picture preview, adjustable preview channel sequence.
  • Support for 24-hour and 12-hour time format switch.
  • Support for daylight saving time function.
  • Support image enlarged.
  • Support full channel video parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation) of the regulation.
  • Support Cruise function.
  • Support OSD display and the position adjustable.


Storage backup

  • Supports up to 2 SATA hard drives, depending on the model based on.
  • Support for video file lock and unlock.
  • Support hard property settings: read-only, read-write.
  • Support HDD groups and different channel can be assigned different recording storage capacity.
  • Support manual, quick, schedule backup.
  • Support batch backup according to file
  • Support editing the backup when doing video playback (local storage disc).
  • Support the log backup.
  • Backup the recording data of NVR by Windows’ IE browser.
  • Powerful hard disk management functions, support the hard disk to format the hard disk dormancy, support, with sector damage shield function, eliminate bad disk and alarm mechanism.


Alarm detection function

  • Local alarm: Video lost alarm, mobile detection alarm, HDD error alarm, high-temperature alarm, network disconnection alarm, HDD full alarm, POE conflict alarm.
  • Video lost alarm, mobile detection alarm response time.
  • Network alarm (warning signal upload), PC comes through the horn sound alarm.
  • Support video motion detection continuous alarm function, each video can be set to a plurality of mobile detection area.
  • Support alarm information message upload function can produce related channel, alarm type in the email to the specified mailbox.


Network function

  • Support network bridge function.
  • Support dual-network isolation mode.
  • Support TCP/IP Protocol(Support ARP, RARP, IP, TCP, PPPOE, DHCP protocol, etc.).
  • Users can upgrade maintenance and function expansion by the network upgrade.
  • Support FTP upgrading.
  • Support preset server, NTP school.
  • Support the DDNS domain name resolution service.
  • Support plug and play (UPNP).
  • Support E-mail (disk error, video loss, high temperature, movement detection, disk full) alarm email upload function.
  • Support for remote monitoring by mobile phone.
  • Support message testing and domain name resolution test.
  • Support IVVIEW.
  • Support ONVIF standard protocol.
  • Support for network diagnosis, network repair function.


Security guarantee

  • High-performance embedded microprocessors and embedded real-time operating systems, to ensure the system real-time, high reliability, and stability.
  • The sound of the video log inquiry function (modified mobile detection alarm query, remote login log, video parameters log query, query, the upgrade log replay log query, query, system startup log backup log query, etc.
  • System lock, password test, multi-user authorization a variety of security functions.
  • Inform you by email alarm information, such as video loss and motion detection.
  • Network alarm linkage (warning signal upload).
  • Have hardware watchdog function, the abnormal system can be detected automatically, and automatically restarts to reinitialize the complete system input, output, and video state, etc.


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