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PER227 – Permaconn PM45-4G, Dual SIM 4G + IP / 3G Communicator

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The Permaconn solution provides a constant secure link between the supervised premises and the Central Station.


The PM45 4G is a versatile alarm communicator that reports on 4G, 3G and IP to the Central Station.


This communicator can interface with a range of alarm panels using Contact ID. Primary alarm path is IP, followed by 4G/3G in the event of a wired Ethernet failure. The communicator reports on 4G or 3G if there is no IP connected.


Key Features

  • Remote “over-the-air” alarm panel programming using 4G/3G or IP path
  • Dual SIM + IP alarm communicator
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Interfaces with any Contact ID alarm panel
  • 3 input + 3 output, function control using Atlas and/or Pocket Secure
  • Communicator automatically switches between 4G and 3G networks
  • Low current draw, easily powered from alarm panel


Additional Features

  • Small size – Fits inside alarm panel enclosure and suitable for ATM & M2M applications
  • Secure VPN within Optus & Telstra networks – Dedicated for Permaconn events only
  • AES128 encryption for alarm data – Secure transmissions over the public internet
  • High speed RS232 Interface – Future development
  • PM45-4G acquires an IP address automatically using the customers DHCP service – No IT headache
  • Various diagnostic LEDs – Easy installation
  • Activate, commission and diagnose using Atlas – Seamless installation process
  • Three (3) dedicated paths of communication – Uptime in excess of 99.9%
  • Internal watchdog reset function – No unnecessary service call-outs
  • Monitors & reports dialler interface lead status – Panel dialler to Permaconn interface secure
  • Compliant to AS2201.5:2008
  • Outputs can be configured to arm/disarm alarm system, control gates and lights. ‘Pocket Secure’ smartphone app controls these functions.


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