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TAKEX Dual Zone Outdoor PIR 12m range, 90º with speech

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The PVW-12TE is a sensor speaker which detects passive infrared emitted from human beings and triggers 2 different messages depending on Day/Night or control input settings.



  • Dual-Zone sensor head can resist detection of small animals
  • Dual Control; 2 Recordable Messages (Daylight or ARM/DISARM Settings)
  • Record Messages using a built-in Microphone or Audio Line input
  • Replay Time Adjustable
  • Day/Night Sensing
  • Adjustable Pulse Count & Sensitivity
  • 0.8-1.2m Mounting Height



Product type Sensor speaker (for indoor/outdoor use)
Detection system Passive infrared
Coverage Max. detection distance 12m (40ft), Horizontal detection: 7 zones
Detection angle: 90 degrees, Downward detection: 7 zones
Adjustment Horizontal: ±90 degrees (±3 degrees fine adjustment)
Detection distance 3-12m (10-40ft)
by adjusting vertical angle of downward curtain
Supply voltage 10 to 30VDC (non-polarity)
Current consumption 55mA max. at standby
300mA max. on activation (when max. volume)
ARM/DISARM input · NO/NC selectable with a switch
  N/O: armed when closed
  N/C: armed when open
· Response time: 300msec or longer
· Input resistance: 1kΩ or less
Relay input · NO/NC selectable with a switch
  N/O: armed when closed
  N/C: armed when open
· Response time: 300msec or longer
· Input resistance: 1kΩ or less
Day light control Recognised as night when illuminance of the surrounding area is lower than the set illuminance.
Contact output Dry contact relay output NO/NC (selectable)
Contact operation: one-shot operation approx. 2sec.
Contact capacity: 30V AC/DC, 0.5A or less
Sound output Replay the two different messages through the built-in speaker
Operation: off delay operation
Repeat sounds during detection time + approx. 2sec to 5min.
Output sounds: [Message 1] and [Message 2] (max. 8sec each)
Sound volume adjustment: 80dB max.
Recording method: Built-in microphone or Line input 
Operation LED Red LED
Blinks at warm-up (LED can be disabled)
Lights on detection (LED can be disabled)
Fast blinks for recording stand-by
Lights during recording (max. 8 seconds)
Tamper output Dry contact relay output: N/C
Capacity: 30V (AC/DC), 0.5A max.
Pulse count Once/Three times (selectable)
Sensitivity adjustment 30% to 100% (by potentiometer)
Connection Terminals
Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Weight 480g (16.8oz)
Appearance Body: AES resin / Lens: PE resin


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