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Rosslare, PS-A25T 2 Relay Controller For The AYC-E55

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The PS- x25T/TU/LT family of secured power supplies converts AC power to 12 VDC with an integrated battery charger, designed for use with all of Rosslare’s convertible and secure access controller units (ACU). The units feature a metal cabinet mounted with an AC-AC transformer (except the PS-C25TU version), a secure power supply module with 2 on-board relays, a sounder module, and space for a 7 Ah rechargeable backup battery (C-Type casing only).


Main Features

  • Two power supplies in one for the controller unit, and door strike
  • Doorbell feature (from “*” key) when used with Rosslare Secure Controller series or convertible readers*
  • Secure operation using digital communications to the keypad rejects wire tamper attempts. A siren sound is generated upon keypad disconnection attempt
  • Mounted speaker module sounding doorbell chime alerts
  • Built-in backup battery charger for 12 V Sealed Lead Acid type rechargeable batteries
  • Automatic switch over to backup battery when AC fails with no voltage drop
  • Additional input for door monitoring or other auxiliary options


Professional Grade Features

  • Tamper monitoring of connected keypad
  • Fail-Safe/Fail Secure Form-C 5 A Lock Strike and Alarm/Auxiliary Relays
  • Supports Rosslare’s secure controller and AYC series of convertible readers/controllers**

* Necessary for Rosslare’s Secure Controller series, optional for AYC convertible series in Controller mode
** Both relays can be operated by the convertible keypads; however, keypads of the Secure Controller family or of older convertible versions can operate a single relay only


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