RUN130, TCP/IP Module for Crow Runner Panels

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RUN130, TCP/IP Module for Crow Runner Panels

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Product Specifications

The Device

The IP-Module by AAP is the only TCP/IP alarm interface you will ever need.

New Zealand designed and manufactured for the changing market.

It converts any Contact-ID signs for your older analogue dialer, into the newer internet reporting protocols and smart phone push notifications.

– Operating voltage: 10-15 DC 300mA (battery backup is recommended)
– Reports in CSV-IP or Patriot LS30
– Programming is performed via a web browser
– Dimensions: 102 x 80 x 20mm(plus connector)

-USB D-Link
This will allow you to read the IP address that has been loaded into the IP-Module.
This will allow you to connect the IP-Module up to an Elite-S/S-Lite and control it over the internet.
If you have an Elite S System then this cable will allow the Smartphone App to Arm/Disarm & Control your system through the IP-Module.

The App

This new app works with your existing RUNNERâ„¢ control panel when connected to the dedicated IP MODULE.

The IP MODULE is an Universal PSTN to LAN reporting module for monitoring over internet. This module converts any Contact-ID signals from your older analogue dialer, into the newer internet reporting protocols and smart phone push notifications and it can be upgraded to the latest app software by using the IAAP software on Arrowhead website and the latest IP Module software.
By using this module, you will be able to give to Runnerâ„¢ panels a newer dimension and propose to all of your customers advanced features like:

  • Receive Push Notification for Alarm activations, Battery low, Mains Fail & Panic alarms
  • One touch Remote Arm and Disarm of Alarm System
  • Output Control (turn on lights & heats. open garage doors & gates) up to 8 different devices
  • View Inputs (see movement around the home, as different detectors are triggered)
  • Check past memory events (see when and who disarm/Arm the system last. 16 memory events)
  • One App can manage and control multiple site
  • Customize the Mobile App with photos and Input/Output names

The Mobile Application is available both on Google Play store for Android devices and on Apple Store for IOS devices.

The App is available on:

Android Play Store
Apple IOS Store


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