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Secukey, D5, Wireless Door Lock Kit With W/Proof Metal Keypad/Reader

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The D5 is a Wireless smart lock kit for home use, it includes Wireless Keypad (metal, waterproof) + Wireless Lock + 2pcs Remote Transmitters + 5pcs RFID Tags. 433MHz Rolling Code of encryption algorithm and the split design guarantee higher-secure.


Wireless DIY Lock Kit

  • 433MHz Rolling Code technology
  • Communication distance: 50m Max
  • Open/Close by Keypad, transmitter, or touch the lock
  • Open times: 12000 times
  • 100 PIN/card users
  • 4~6 digits PIN, 125KHz EM or 13.56MHz Mifare card optional



User Capacity
PIN Length
Card Type
100 4-6 Digits 125KHz EM or 13.56MHz Mifare Card (optional)
Operating Voltage
Wireless Lock
Remote Transmitter
3 units of AAA batteries
2 units of AA batteries
1 unit of 2032 Lithium battery
Idle Current All items < 10uA
Working Current
Wireless Keypad
Wireless Lock
Remote Transmitter
< 50mA
< 60mA
< 3mA
Communication Frequency 433MHz
Communication Distance 50m Maximum
Operating Temperature
Wireless Keypad
Wireless Lock
-40°C~+60°C (-40°F~+140°F)
-20°C~+60°C (-4°F~+140°F)
Operating Humidity 0%~86%RH
Wireless Lock
Wireless Keypad
Remote Transmitter
Wireless Keypad
Wireless Lock
Remote Transmitter
L135 x W54 x D19(mm)
L150 x W83 x D38(mm)
L62 x W30 x D11.5(mm)
Unit Weight
Wireless Keypad
Wireless Lock
Remote Transmitter


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