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T2425P25/K3746, 24v DC 2.5A, Inline With Cord (Switch Mode)

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24v DC 2.5A, T2425P25/K3746 “SMPSU inline with cord (switch mode)


In-line Switch Mode Power Supply Unit with 60-watt maximum output capacity. 90V – 264V AC wide input voltage range suits travel product applications. Standard IEC-C8 or IEC-C14 inlet allows correct IEC-C7 or IEC-C13 power cord to be selected for each country. IEC power cord not included. Popular voltages are shown below.

(A) 114(L) x 62(W) x 36.5(H)mm
(B) 120(L) x 56.4(W) x 33.2(H)mm


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