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ZKTeco, InBio460 Demo Kit 1x InBio460 PS Etc.

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ZKTeco, InBio460 Demo Kit 1x InBio460 PS Etc.



No more fumbling with parts, pieces, and messy wires to set up for your presentations and training meetings. Simply plug your ZKAccess Case into a standard power point and the rest of your time can be productive sales and training time.


inBio460,Β  4-Door Controller Demonstration Case includes:

  • 1 xΒ  inBio460 4-Door Controller
  • 2 x RF1200 Fingerprint / EM Card readers
  • 1 x Egress K1-1 Non-Touch Egress switch
  • 1 x Magnetic input switch, for door input
  • Includes ZKTeco V3.5 User Management Software
  • Completely Configured and prewired ready for a DEMO


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