Tech Tip: Downloading ESL-2 Panel Via APP POD IP Interface

11 Nov, 2020, 11:22 AM

It is very easy to download to the ESL-2 panel via the APP POD IP interface.


There are no special leads required as it is done via IP.


1. Ensure the configuration links are in the IP setting location. Ensure both links are moved.

The USB location allows for connection via the usual Runner / ESL direct connect a lead. The IAP setting is used for firmware upgrade.


2. Load your normal Runner / ESL download software, ULD16. You do not have this software it is available from



3. Under Communications / Source, select TCP/IP  (Winsock)

4. In the Host Name field put in the IP or URL of the panel. The default port used is port 5001


5. Connect & program as per normal. Your connection speed, both local & remote, will be 9600 baud.


6. If you wish to connect from off site you will need to do a port forward. Ensure the destination port is set as 5001, unless you change this in programming of the APP POD. You may also need to create a DNS server on the clients router.