Tech Tips: Crow Runner Panel

28 Oct, 2020, 10:20 AM

Whilst I normally attempt to make these tech tips non product specific I feel that I can justify this one due to the large volume of calls I have been receiving about this panel. The following will hopefully address all of the most common calls / enquires I get re the panel.


Different defaults:

The panel from the factory has 1234 as the default user code NOT 123 as in previous panels. We can supply a programming key into which you can load your own defaults as per your companies exact default preferences.


Outputs: There are 4 outputs fitted on the panel, output 4 being a relay. *** From the factory the common of the relay is linked to ground *** The 4 extra outputs can be gained using the auxiliary relay card which connects on the keypad bus.



By default user, 21 – 100 are configured as radio users. This can easily be changed at P2E user number E 0 E


Proximity options:

Any user card have a prox tag associated with their code and this tag may be used as a tag only, or as tag & code to open a door OR arm / disarm from any access control point.


Name fields:

Yes, the English language on the LCD keypads can be programmed via the download software, however, be aware that if you are accessing by dial-up then it will take several minutes for the data to transfer. It is optional whether to transfer LCD text or not.


Installer options: At location P25E 11 E if any of these are set then the installer mode MUST be entered to reset the selected event(s). The system will not be useable until this occurs.


Software / direct connect:

Yes, the normal crow direct connects cable will work. Yes, the modem you normally use for crow panels should work. No, it is not the same software, but it is on the reference CD or I can email it to you.



They use different keypad to the older power wave panels. The easy way to tell the difference is no dip switches.