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Securing your premises in Brisbane and Melbourne whilst you are away or at home is the smartest solution for protecting your loved ones. Owning a Crow alarm system will add peace of mind. Knowing you’re prised possessions are in safe hands.

At Mainline Security, we ensure quality products. We have been offering the Crow security systems for over twenty years because of its reliability, functionality, cost effectiveness and ease of use. Our satisfied customers have grown with the products as technology moves forward and user’s expectations get higher, and the reason for growth is a quality product at an affordable price.

The Crow product range takes into account your entire requirements for an alarm system, starting from a basic 8-zone system with an LED keypad to a 64 zone, multi area expandable system with a touch screen. To compliment the Crow product range, various devices are available such as PIRs, door sensors, smoke sensors, vibration sensors as well as massive range of wireless devices.

These wireless devices are amongst the most sought after devices available in the market today not only for the abundance of devices available, but mainly for the working range of these wireless devices. Products to include are wireless reeds switches, wireless push button remotes, wireless break-glass detectors, wireless pendants etc.

Looking for a smart solution in security, then consult Mainline Security Products.