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Mainline is Meeting security & Industry standards with FSH

As a part of the access control system we provide, electric locks with added layer of security by giving you full control over who enters your premises and gain easy accesses.

We bring you a choice of high-end electric locking systems complimenting your chosen access control system.

The good thing about our locking system is that our electronic locks can be integrated into your chosen Access Control system, CCTV systems, Intruder Alarms and Fire Alarm systems to ensure you have an extra safety net for your project.

WE offer locking systems of leading brand manufacturers including quality locks like FSH, PADDE/LOCKWOOD and DORCAS range of Electric strikes, Electric Bolts and Magnetic locks, to ensure complete peace of mind is achieved with built-in security and reliability.

Benefits of Electric Locking:

  • Automatic locking and unlock scheduling
  • Centralised Access Control Management
  • Access Controlled doors used to secure areas
  • Allowed only authorized personnel with own timed-access
  • Eliminate the need to replace locks when keys are lost or stolen
  • Doors may be locked and unlocked automatically at specific time of day
  • Employee that is leaving the Company will simply have database changed
  • Reduce costs from re-keying locks and managing physical keys
  • Decrease liability and risk associated with stolen or misused keys
  • Easily controlled and monitored from a centralized security office
  • Deploy use of combination of Card, PIN, Biometric security for ease of use

We provide quality FSH Electric locks you can rely on and get all the benefits mentioned above. So if you are looking for the best in electric locking in your building or facility in Brisbane or Melbourne, look no further than Mainline Security Products.