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CCTV Systems

Modern video surveillance equipment is a must for all businesses operating in Melbourne and Brisbane in this modern age. A cost effective and reliable solution is available from Mainline Security Products.

The best surveillance cameras, video or CCTV (closed-circuit television) system for your building or facility is one that we design and engineer to meet your specific needs.

CCTV has numerous uses, whether it be for deterring crime, reducing cost and risk, increasing customer confidence, encouraging good behaviour or workplace health and safety we have the solution for you.

Imagine how many thousands you could save in losses if you own your own store, or how much you could possible save, if a workplace health and safety issue was to arise. The possibilities are endless.

The video surveillance systems solutions we provide are by UNIVIEW, DW and MIVISION.

Need those extra eyes? Call Mainline Security Products.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Intelligent video analytics to help identify threats and create alarms based on those threats
  • Ability to track individuals as they approach, enter or leave premises
  • Assist with on premise loss prevention measures
  • Reduce the threat of fraudulent claims
  • Ensure employee productivity
  • Ensure employee safety
  • Easily monitored and controlled from a centralized security office
  • Deter criminal behaviour and activity
  • Reduce physical security labour costs
  • Meets required security measure for certain types of properties
  • Record threat and incident information

By installing our surveillance cameras you can get all the benefits mentioned above.So,If you are looking for the best CCTV Systems in your building or facility, look no further than Mainline Security.