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Aiphone, DB1SD Handsfree Intercom Sub Station

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The DB-1SD Is The Sub Master Station For The DB SERIES

  • The Aiphone DB series intercom is designed for small apartment blocks or single residences. Up to five handsfree stations can be installed in each residence.
  • The Aiphone DB system requires a 15 volt AC power supply and is designed for use with AC operated strikes.
  • An Aiphone IER2 call extension unit is also available which will ring when a call is made from the door station
  • Simplified Two-Wire Door Entry Kit when the DA-1DS door station is added ( DBS-1A kit )
  • Aiphone’s DB series residential audio intercom provides audio communication from a door station to up to 5 internal handsfree stations. The DB Series features simple two-wire cabling, AC operation by inexpensive plug pack and AC door release operation. The DB series is available either in boxed sets containing a single door station and room station or as individual components for 2or 4 call door station and individual handsets.


NOTE: When expanded to 5 internal units system requires 3x power supplies



Also available are two button and 4 button door stations suitable for small apartment blocks. In addition, the DB Series features an option button that can be used for either a second door release function or to trigger an entrance light etc. Single call door stations available in silver only whereas 2 and 4 call door stations available in grey and silver.

  • Connect up to 4 additional substations.
  • Chime tone calling.
  • All calls between internal stations.
  • Connect Electric Door Release with two wires from door station. Requires no extra power supply for door release. An AC operated door strike is required.
  • Existing doorbell or chime wires can be utilised (disconnect from the transformer).
  • Internal stations are equipped with Door Release and one function button to turn on entrance light, etc.
  • Optional call extension sounder.



  • Power Source: AC 15V, supplied from Power Supply
  • Power Supply: Requires 15 V AC 1100mA power supply. (1ps per 2 units)
  • Calling: Electronic tone.
  • Communication
    • Approx. 1 min.
    • AUTOMATIC (Hands-Free); to activate, momentarily press TALK button.
    • MANUAL (Press-to-talk/Release-to-listen); to activate, press TALK button for 1 sec. or more.
  • Weight
    • DB-1MD: approximately 370 g.
    • DB -1SD: approximately 370 g.
  • Wiring
    • 2 wires, polarised from door to DB-1MD.
    • 6 wires, polarised DB-1MD – DB-1SD.
  • Distance
    • From door to master station (Wire Diameter: 0.6 mm – 110 m ) ( 0.8 mm – 200 m ) ( 1.0 mm – 310 m )
    • Master station to Power supply (Wire Diameter: 0.6 mm – 55m ) ( 0.8 mm -100 m ) ( 1.0 mm – 155 m )
    • From master to furthest sub (Wire Diameter: 0.6 mm / 0.8 mm / 1.0 mm – 100 m )


Additional Options:

  • DB-1MD master station
  • DA-1DS door Station ( for a single dwelling )
  • DA-2DS / DA-4DS door stations ( for multi tenant dwellings )
  • IER-2 Call extension
  • AC-10S Access control Keypad
  • EL-12S door lock
  • AC1615 power supply


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