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Tech Tips: How Do I Make Up A Resistor?

Almost all alarm systems use end of line resistors. Many use multiple resistors to give alarm and tamper, or multiple zones on the one physical input to the panel. One of the more common calls I get is in relation to ‘not having the right resistor’.   With some panels, like Genesis, this is not ...Read More

Tech Tips: How To Make A Latching Relay?

Last week I was asked by an experienced alarm tech on how he could get a door alarm to stay on until reset if a fire door was opened. He had thought about various modules like timer boards etc, but obviously, they time out and are relatively expensive.   The easiest way to achieve this ...Read More

Tech Tips: Intercoms... Doing It Right By Design

In general, domestic intercom installs are very easy; provided some basic rules are followed.   Before you start cabling you must know what you are going to install. This is because different systems use a different cable and are often not interchangeable. Also, different cabling styles are often used eg ‘daisy chain’ or ‘home run’. ...Read More

Tech Tips: IP - The Basics

I know that many who receive this are quite competent in the IP world, however I find myself constantly doing IT tech support.   This is due to the fact that a lot of our product now connects to the customers network.   There are a number of basic tools & techniques that you must ...Read More