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Tech Tips: What Size Power Supply?

One of the more common questions I get asked is what size power supply is needed for.   Below is a list of common items and their approximate power requirements at 12v DC:-   *** Please remember that all values are approximate only *** Product Type Power Supply Magnetic locks 500mA Electric strikes 250mA Mortice ...Read More

Contactless Intercom With The Aiphone IX System

THE CHALLENGE: Minimising human contact in response to COVID-19 and help prevent spreading the virus with the IX series intercom.   THE SOLUTION: The IX and IXG systems are a Peer-to-Peer, full IP intercom system that has optional input connector ports that can function to make a call, answers a call, as well as to ...Read More

Tech Tip: CCTV Commissioning

A couple of weeks ago, a customer new to CCTV asked what should be on their checklist for the commissioning of CCTV systems. This is actually quite a good question as it constantly amazes me the lack of basic configuration done on many CCTV installs. With this in mind, below is a basic listing of ...Read More

Tech Tip: Downloading ESL-2 Panel Via APP POD IP Interface

It is very easy to download to the ESL-2 panel via the APP POD IP interface.   There are no special leads required as it is done via IP.   1. Ensure the configuration links are in the IP setting location. Ensure both links are moved. The USB location allows for connection via the usual Runner ...Read More