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Tech Tips: IP - The Basics

I know that many who receive this are quite competent in the IP world, however, I find myself constantly doing IT tech support.   This is due to the fact that a lot of our product now connects to the customer's network.   There are a number of basic tools & techniques that you must ...Read More

Tech Tips: NBN & Alarm Reporting

In the last week, I have been asked at least 4 times about alarm reporting & the NBN.   My answer is always the same.... as a general rule NO.   There are a number of reasons I take this rather strong stand.   Firstly, almost all alarm panel diallers report utilising a format called ...Read More

Tech Tips: Power Supplies... The Forgotten Component

Nearly every system we do involves a power supply of some type, from the humble 16vAC plug pack with an alarm panel, all the way through to 20Amp rack mounted power supplies. A constant failing in system design is not allowing enough power. Be it not enough supplies, the wrong type of supplies or not ...Read More

Tech Tips: Record Keeping... It is important!

Once again we have had an instance of cards being duplicated. Some proximity cards were ordered from us with a specified site code and number range. When the tech went to the site to enrol, the cards were duplicates. To put it bluntly “NOT OUR PROBLEM”. These duplicated cards are NON RETURNABLE as are all ...Read More