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Tech Tips: Crow Runner Panel

Whilst I normally attempt to make these tech tips non product specific I feel that I can justify this one due to the large volume of calls I have been receiving about this panel. The following will hopefully address all of the most common calls / enquires I get re the panel.   Different defaults: ...Read More

Tech Tips: Decimal, Hexadecimal and Binary

Every week I have a call requesting me to convert from hexadecimal (hex) to decimal, or from binary to decimal number format. Here is how it works. In all of the explanations I will work from right to left, ie from least significant digit to most significant.   In our decimal number system we count ...Read More

Tech Tips: Electric Strikes & What Are The Options

I have noticed recently a lot of confusion in relation to electric strikes, specifically which strike is needed for a specific application. This week I will discuss many of the options on electric strikes, and also define some of the terminology used.   Voltage: Most electric strikes come in a different model for each supply ...Read More

Tech Tips: How Do I Make Up A Resistor?

Almost all alarm systems use end of line resistors. Many use multiple resistors to give alarm and tamper, or multiple zones on the one physical input to the panel. One of the more common calls I get is in relation to ‘not having the right resistor’.   With some panels, like Genesis, this is not ...Read More