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Tech Tip: The Importance Of An Accurate Fault Report

Last week I had a classic case of inaccurate reporting of a fault description causing a lot of unnecessary callouts, tech time and wasted diagnostics measures.   The site is an apartment building with ZKTeco access control, doing a number of doors & 2 lift cars. The fault report was that both of the EC10 ...Read More

Tech Tip: The Importance of Doing Backups

At almost every training course that I teach, I try to stress the importance of doing backups. An incident last week once again shows the importance of a proper backup regime.   The client's site got a surge and it smoked the SSD in the client's access control management PC. Whilst the software does do ...Read More

Tech Tips: Access Control...The Basics

Access Control... The questions to ask.   The following is a list of things that we all need to know before an access control system can be quoted.   How many users?   Is time based control required?   How does the end user intend to administer the system? Is logging required? Is report generation ...Read More

Tech Tips: Alarm Testing

It has recently been pointed out to me that ‘fault finding’ is becoming a lost art, especially when it comes to motion sensors. With this in mind here is a list of pointers that we all know, but may have forgotten...   Check the pyro for fingerprints. The salts in perspiration cause etching and breakdown ...Read More