Tech Tips: Record Keeping… It is important!

15 Oct, 2020, 8:42 AM

Once again we have had an instance of cards being duplicated. Some proximity cards were ordered from us with a specified site code and number range. When the tech went to the site to enrol, the cards were duplicates. To put it bluntly “NOT OUR PROBLEM”. These duplicated cards are NON RETURNABLE as are all special order items.


It is the responsibility of the installation company to keep proper job records. To ensure correct spares can be ordered and proper over the phone assistance given the following is the minimum records that should be kept.


On an access control install: The following should be recorded:-

  1. Reader type(s), styles(s) and format
  2. Locks what types fitted on each door
  3. Cards what type (eg ISO) format and number range. This detail MUST be updated with each card order for the site.
  4. Power Supplies type and location and what they feed


On an alarm install: The following should be recorded:-

  1. Panel type and location along with plug pack location
  2. Keypad type(s) and location(s)
  3. Detector location and type, especially for radio devices
  4. Radio pendants type and function
  5. Noisemakers type and location
  6. User names with user numbers (not PINs)


On a CCTV install: The following should be recorded:-

  1. Camera make model and location
  2. Lens size & type for each camera
  3. Housing type
  4. DVR make, model and what HDD is fitted
  5. Monitor size, make and model
  6. Power supply type & location, also which cameras are fed from which supply


Also as a general rule, all equipment locations should be recorded along with the exact location of any cable joints or repairs.