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AAP, 4G IP Module, 4G Universal PSTN To DATA Communicator For IP-Monitoring

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AAP, 4G-IP-MODULE – Universal LAN to PSTN reporting module. Primary cellular or cellular back up function.


The 4G-IP-MODULE converts Contact ID signals to data for monitoring over IP. This unit is fitted with an Ethernet port & a sim module for Ethernet only, cellular only or back up cellular monitoring. Email or text monitoring is supported for personal monitoring purposes in the form of custom text or email messages. These include Mains failure, battery failure, zone activations, panic, fire, restores & more. ELS2-2, ESL, Elite S & Elite S Life keypad control, output control & 2 x input control via SMS.


all information is programmed into the 4G-IP-MODULE via a built in web browser, allowing monitoring for new & existing systems to be programmed off site. If an existing alarm system is currently monitored using Contact ID, the 4G-IP-MODULE can take over the monitoring without accessing the alarm panel programming.


The 4G-IP-MODULE talks directly to the desired monitoring station with no intermediate host and no ongoing hardware charges. If 4G is not available the module will revert back to the 3G network.

Note: Unit now comes with Nano SIM holder but SIM card is not provided with the 4G-IP-MODULE.


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