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Aiphone DBS-1AK CARTON Box of 10 DB1MD Kits

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Aiphone DBS-1AK DB Series 1 Door / 1 Master Kit, Inc. DA-1DS, DB1-MD, 16VAC1500/5

The DB Series is a superior and modern audio only entry system designed for new construction or to replace existing audio systems. Providing both door entry security and internal communication, the DB Series is the practical solution for access control in the home or office!


  • Access Control will keep people and assets safe inside a home or building.

  • Superior system replaces existing audio systems with less wires and a larger capacity.

  • Door strike draws power directly from door station so separate power supply and wire are not required. Easy to install using only 2 wires from the entrance station to the master station.

  • All call provides internal communication between stations. Hands- free communication is great for home or office.


  • Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (simplex)
  • Door Release: Entrance Station to Tenant Master Station: 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802
  • Tenant Master Station to Tenant Sub Station: 4-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871804
  • Between Tenant Sub Stations: 4-cond. + 2-cond. when sharing power – use Aiphone #822206 or #871804
  • Power Supply to Tenant Station: 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802

Specifications (Aiphone DBS-1AK) :

  • Wire Type: Power Supply to Entrance Station or Door Strike (cumulative): 360′(22AWG) 1,020′(18AWG)
  • Power Supply to Tenant Master Station: 180′(22AWG) 510′(18AWG)
  • Tenant Master Station to farthest Tenant Sub Station: 330′


  • Door release powered by door station without the need of an additional transformer
  • Backlit directory
  • All Call between stations within the same tenant residence or office
  • Options button to control an external device
  • Call tone volume control with mute indicator
  • The convenient box set is complete with a tenant master station, a 1-call entrance station, and a power supply (up to 3 more tenant master stations and 15 tenant substations can be added for a full 1 x 4 x 16 system)
  • Optional call extension speaker


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