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Genesis, 32-Output Controller

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The Genesis GEN-050, 32-Output Controller is a dedicated 32 output device that communicates with the Master Panel on a high-speed two-wire RS485 LAN network that extends up-to 1500m from the Master Panel.


The controller will fit in a standard Genesis cabinet and includes a tamper input for added protection. The controller supports 4 x high current 8-way relay modules with voltage free contacts the relays can be used to switch range of voltages for a variety of applications.


Onboard RS232 Computer Port allows system changes or direct PC connectivity for user interface software anywhere throughout the LAN network.


There are 4-sets of output header pins provided, these are rated at 100mA per output and can easily be converted to relays by simply connecting one or up to 4 sets of GEN-060 8-way relay modules utilising the connection ribbon cables provided.


The Output controller is ideal for Building / Home Automation applications, Lift control, Lighting control, Door control, Solenoids, Mimic panels, Relay boards and many other automation applications.


Up to 512 outputs are supported utilising multiple GEN050 Output controllers on the multi-drop RS485 high-speed LAN network.


GEN-050 Controller provides:
32 x open collector outputs
Supports optional 4 x 8-way relay boards
Connects directly to the RS-485 LAN bus
Expands the system up-to 512 outputs
On-Board cabinet tamper input
On-Board 16bit Microprocessor
PC connectivity RS-232 port


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