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Ubiquiti Networks, UB-AM-5G16-120, 4.9-5.9GHz AirMax Base Station Dual Polarity Sector Antenna, 16dBi 120 Deg

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Ā Ubiquiti AM-5G16-120 airMAX 2×2 MIMO Antennas 5GHz AirMax 2×2 MIMO Basestation Sector Antennas Revolutionary, Cost/Performance Breakthrough Carrier Class MIMO BaseStation Antennas.


The airMAX Sector Antenna is a Carrier Class 2×2 Dual Polarity MIMO Sector Antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with RocketM radios (RocketM sold separately). Pair the RocketMā€™s radio with the airMAX Sector Antennaā€™s reach to create a powerful base station. This versatile combination gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.


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