Tech Tips: Access Control…The Basics

14 Oct, 2020, 3:51 PM

Access Control… The questions to ask.


The following is a list of things that we all need to know before an access control system can be quoted.


How many users?


Is time based control required?


How does the end user intend to administer the system? Is logging required?

Is report generation required?


Readers, codepads (pin) or a combination?

If readers, what type of credential is required ie card or fob? If readers what size & type?
If code based what type of codepad (plastic/metal etc)?


How many doors?

How is each door held locked?
Are the doors fail safe or fail secure?
If requiring a mag lock, does the door open inwards or outwards?
How does the client egress each door ie Request to Exit or free handle egress? What type of exit request button is required?
Are emergency break-glasses required for fire exit doors?
How far apart are the doors?
What power supplies will be required?


Is there lift access control?

How many lift cars are there?
How many controlled levels per lift car? How many lift motor rooms are there?
Is intercom override required for the lift(s)?


The above information is required to accurately assess what the job requirements are to ensure that the correct equipment and quantities are quoted for the job. Don’t forget to consider weigand output radio equipment for a carpark entry. When this equipment is used, each radio receiver is seen by the access control system as if it were a prox reader and each radio fob is treated as if it were a card. This gives the advantage of easy user deletion if the transmitter is lost and also allows for logging of who has opened the door.